Mints App 2.0 Review: Get Leads and Sales w/Polls?

Polls and surveys are they new hot trend in online marketing. They are really crushing it in engagement compared to normal text or video content. Why? Because people are bored. There is usually not enough interactive content on your page to engage them, so they just leave your site. That’s why Polls and Surveys are the […]

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No Bounce Review: How To Make 3x More Sales

Do you have a website? Are you driving any paid or organic traffic to it? Great… But did you know that you are LOSING as much as 75% of your traffic when they leave your site? They hit the “Back” button and they are gone forever. Up until now, there was never a way to […]

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Free Copy of My New Software

  Facebook is an amazing source of traffic. But utilizing it effectively is becoming more and more difficult, because it’s getting very crowded. Facebook ads are so expensive now… And getting free traffic from Facebook has become really hard. So we have to innovate and think of new ways of doing it. That’s why I’m […]

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