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Start From The Beginning With Your Finances

So, as soon as you leave high school or college, you’ll be thrown into the real world. One of the things that comes with being thrown into the real world, is real world problems. And one of the biggest of all real world problems, is finances. Financial problems hit people like a brick wall, and […]

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4 Ways Property Might Be the Key to Your Financial Future

So you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak, and you want to make wise investments today that will site you up for a life of prosperity, and maybe even comfort, in the future. There are, of course, many different things you could do in order to secure your future financial position, ranging from using the Wolf of […]

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Are You In Need of a Financial Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift is essentially what happens when you go from thinking one way about something to a completely different way. Now, when it comes to finances, and in particular making money, a lot of people seem to be overdue a paradigm shift, and could do with changing the way they view making money. Today, […]

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