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Thinking The Unthinkable: Your Business After You

When you start a business and build it into a thriving enterprise, it can feel like you and the business become entwined. You are inherently linked; you are the business, and the business is you. In many cases, this will be absolutely true: many businesses rely on the energy and intellect of their owner alone. […]

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Here’s Why Your Business Is Stumbling

When you first sprinted out the gate, your business looked like it was going to be a tremendous success and take the world by storm. But that hasn’t happened. The profit levels aren’t where you hoped they would be, the interest isn’t there, and your brand doesn’t have the level of recognition you need. It […]

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3 Ways That Virtual Services Can Help Your Business

The internet has revolutionised the business world in more ways than you could name. Whereas all job roles, with precious few exceptions, could only be done from certain predetermined locations, today, digital nomads — web-based freelancers and entrepreneurs who have the luxury of being completely location-independent in their working arrangements — are able to roam […]

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