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Hi, welcome! Here is a quick video about who I am 🙂 If you can’t watch video, then have a quick read below the Gift section.

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Cararta - 25/07/2016

Hi Greg,

Nice meeting you.

Just spent the whole night downloading and setting up
Windows 10…
Something else to learn..
Would rather spend the time learning how to Earn!


I hang out on Facebook at ArtaGene

Daniel James oneill - 12/11/2016

I would like you to explain to me a lot better about what you do and how that you do it if you are asking for people’s money you need to be a lot lot more open and not just tell me your name

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2016

    Hi Daniel, where am I asking for money? If you could pls be more specific, I’ll be more than happy to help out – what are you looking to buy, on which page, and what info would you like? Cheers


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