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Cararta - 25/07/2016

Hi Greg,

Nice meeting you.

Just spent the whole night downloading and setting up
Windows 10…
Something else to learn..
Would rather spend the time learning how to Earn!


I hang out on Facebook at ArtaGene

Daniel James oneill - 12/11/2016

I would like you to explain to me a lot better about what you do and how that you do it if you are asking for people’s money you need to be a lot lot more open and not just tell me your name

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2016

    Hi Daniel, where am I asking for money? If you could pls be more specific, I’ll be more than happy to help out – what are you looking to buy, on which page, and what info would you like? Cheers

    Adriana Contreras - 29/07/2018

    Hello, Daniel James. I don’t mean to butt in, or maybe I do.

    I googled Greg Kononenko (I hope the spelling is correct) I googled him because I heard some great thing about him. (Unfortunately, in our day in age it seems we cannot take anything at face value, and have to Google everything). I watched the same video you just saw and then decided to read some of the comments left on the video. That is when I came upon your comment, and I actually had to read it twice.

    I see negative people all the time. People that accuse people of things they are not doing or saying. I see people who look at the glass have empty and seem bothered to see other’s success and due to this, throw dirt at them because they can’t stand that they don’t have the same success. And yet others who think someone is out to get them. You seem to fit all of these scenarios James.

    I read your comment twice because at first, I thought you were kidding and I found it humorous. Then I re-read your comment and realized you were just an insecure person looking for a reason not to be successful and taking a chance on yourself. Instead of facing this, you jumped down Greg’s throat for giving something away for free to us!

    It really is a shame. You…not noticing value when it is given to you. Do you understand that if you don’t want the freebie, or if you don’t like Greg, it’s nothing off of his back? He loses nothing. You know who loses? YOU do. Know an opportunity when you see it. If you don’t see it, that is fine. Just don’t tear people down for offering it to you.
    This was really embarrassing to read. I couldn’t believe you were hating on Greg. But there is a silver lining here. It is said you haven’t made it until you have haters. So, Greg, I hope you have many more haters to come!

    I myself am going to take this freebie. I thank you for it. For taking your time to put it together. I am looking forward to its value in my life and applying it.

    Have your yourself a wonderful Sunday and may success continue to flourish for you!


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